December 2020

Research is catching up

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When the pandemic hit about 10 months ago marketers had to scramble. While the term “unprecedented times” has been repeated so often it has become annoying, it was really appropriate. 

Unprecedented times meant the old marketing playbook was not the reliable source for information going forward and the new playbook hadn’t been written yet. There was no marketing research that said, “this is what you should do to retain and grow market share during a global pandemic.”

Today, however, there is a plethora of choices for research studies that attempt to answer the many questions about marketing during a pandemic. Just like before, consumer and marketing studies need to be reviewed carefully to ensure the information isn’t skewed to deliver the expected results or to prove a predetermined theory.

A simple online search will deliver pages of studies you can review. The key is to find the ones from trusted sources and independent research organizations to be sure the information is accurate and relevant to your situation.

Research is a powerful tool for marketers when used correctly and applied appropriately.

So now’s the time to review what’s out there or call Insight Marketing Design’s marketing strategists to assist you in identifying appropriate studies and provide insightful analysis.

But you better get moving because the new vaccines are sure to change consumer behavior again creating, well…another unprecedented time.

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