June 2021

Is this a dream come true for marketers?

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A handful of major companies are presently working with scientists to “engineer advertisements into willing consumers dreams.” Yup, dream-vertising may be the next big thing.

Studies have shown that video or audio clips have been successfully used, in limited cases, to implant specific information within a sleeping person’s dreams.

By information they mean promotional brand messages.

Of course, the marketers’, who are on the forefront of this new advertising platform, biggest challenge may be finding people who are “willing” to let their dreams become ads. After all, if people really wanted to see ads, they could simply stop using ad blocking software, fast forwarding through tv commercials and paying for streaming services that don’t feature ads.

Some people are concerned that this approach will lead to using smart speakers in homes to monitor when people enter the REM stage of sleep and then play dream ads without permission. Many already wonder if smart speakers are spying on them, and branded dream implantation could certainly crank up the conspiracy theories.

While this may all seem farfetched, the reality is some well-known brands are actually paying scientists to figure out how to make it work. Recently 40 dream researchers have released an online letter calling for federal regulation of commercial dream manipulation. So obviously not everyone thinks dream-vertising is a pipe dream.

While Insight Marketing Design has not opened a dream-vertising division yet, we do have a lot of experience helping businesses make their marketing dreams come true.  Why not sleep on that and give us a call at 605-275-0011 in the morning? Until then nighty night from your friends at Insight.

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