June 2021

What are Motion Graphics?

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The simplest explanation of motion graphics is graphics in motion. That definition, however, doesn’t really shed much light on what motion graphics really are and how they can be used. The challenge with defining the term motion graphics is that not everyone agrees on what are and what aren’t motion graphics and how they’re different from animation.

Another way to think about motion graphics is giving motion to graphic design elements that would typically be static. Words, shapes and objects are all design elements that are typically used in motion graphics projects.

The birth of motion graphics can be traced back to the 1940’s and they really gained public awareness when film studios began animating their opening titles to set the mood for films.

Unlike animation, most elements used in motion graphics don’t have a natural way of moving. We all know what a rabbit hopping should look like, but what does the letter “R” look like when it moves across a screen? What is a natural gyration for a triangle or hexagon in motion? Those are the questions motion graphic designers get to answer in their own way on every project.

In marketing, motion graphics are powerful tools for demonstrating complex ideas and also perfect for super simple, attention getting digital and social media ads.

The combination of motion and sound creates an engaging and visually interesting approach to something that otherwise may be boring.

At Insight Marketing Design we create motion graphics executions for virtually any medium that allows for motion. From complex long form technical videos, graphic displays at tradeshows to website headers, the subjects and approaches are virtually unlimited.

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