August 2021

Are you ready for Gen Alpha?

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It seems the next generation of people, those born or to be born between 2010 and 2025 have finally had their generation’s title bestowed upon them. The most popular name as of today is Generation Alpha.

For the last few generations naming was fairly simple. Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. Of course, once we got to “Z” we really didn’t have a logical next letter to throw at the up-and-coming generation.

This was solved by a generational researcher in Australia named Mark McCrindle. His solution was to move beyond the Latin alphabet and start fresh with the Greek alphabet. If this trend continues the next 24 generations will be easy to name – Beta, Gamma, Delta. Epsilon, etc.  Of course the fraternity feel of these names may be an issue for some in the future.

While still very young, Gen Alpha is already being defined by “experts”. The theory now is that they will be the  best-educated and most technologically immersed group.

They are also targeted to be the most impatient while also caring more about all issues. Obviously, we’ll have to see if these (fairly general) hypotheses come true in the years ahead.

The challenge with defining any generation is it relies on stereotyping a huge number of people by ignoring their differences. Plus, in 2021, most of us know that stereotyping any group never leads anywhere good.

But the marketing strategy, as it relates to demographic groups of naming it, framing it and claiming it, will most likely remain relevant for the up-and-coming Alphas.

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