November 2022

Above the Fold – Why should my website scroll?

Above The Fold

“Above the fold” is a newspaper term that still applies today in the marketing world, even with the rise of technology that doesn’t “fold” in the traditional sense. (Although, the Galaxy Z Flip phone is a piece of technology that does literally fold.)

What does the term “above the fold” mean when we’re talking about websites? This phrase refers to the content that is visible on your website before a user has to scroll. On a newspaper you want all the important, eye-catching information visible above the fold, so anyone can walk by a table or newsstand and read the headlines. This encourages a person to read more and unfold the pages. In the same sense, the content above the fold on a website should entice users to keep scrolling to learn more and inspire them to navigate throughout your website.

Why should my website scroll?

Perhaps you’re thinking this begs the question, why should my website even scroll if all of the important content should be above the fold? Today’s tech-savvy and digital-native website users expect a website to scroll. The build of modern websites lends itself to scrolling, and anyone who’s ever shopped online or read an online news article knows they can find more by scrolling. It’s nearly engrained in you to scroll absentmindedly through Facebook, let alone a website you are actually interested in. Yes, your most important call-to-action buttons and navigation bar should be above the fold, but it’s perfectly fine, and expected, to have more content found by scrolling.

Even if you wanted a non-scrolling website, there is a wide variety of browser sizes to take into account. Plus, you have to consider mobile-view, which is a much smaller screen than a desktop. Determining your “above the fold” area is different, depending on the viewer’s screen size, and won’t be the same for everyone.

Proper Website Design

Using SEO best practices, optimized navigation and intuitive design, Insight will design a website for your business that encourages users to scroll to learn more, not just hang out above the fold on your homepage. Learn more about Insight’s approach to website development and send us an email today to get started.

PS: We can also help design newspaper ads if it fits your target audience!

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