March 2023

Why Are HTML5 Animations Better Than Gifs?

Why Are HTML5 Animations Better Than Gifs? | Insight Marketing Design

Gifs have long been the go-to standard for animated Google display ads, but due to small file sizes and a required 5 frames-per-second limitation, the result can be slightly jerky animations and less than ideal resolution. An early response to this was Adobe’s Flash, which allowed for the creation of visually engaging ads with smoother animations; however, Flash was prone to viruses and, more notably, was not mobile-friendly. When Adobe finally discontinued Flash as a format, the stage was set for a new visual solution for a rich media ad file type that played nicely in the mobile environment.

Although it was announced in 2012, it took the demise of Flash for publishers to recognize the potential of HTML5 as it relates to the creation of Google display ads. HTML5 is capable of producing media rich, responsive ad units that are seamlessly served across devices, platforms and browsers. Unlike Gifs, where the reliance of frame animation conflicts with Google Ads’ limitations, HTML5 ads utilize timeline animation, meaning smoother, more complex animations and a fully compressed file. HTML5 also resolves the issue of pixilated ad copy and logos in smaller ad sizes by allowing the use of vector graphics assets.

What does this mean for your business’s bottom line? There is no doubt that banner ads that are eye-catching and engaging are more likely to attract converting customers than static imagery. When ad designers are free to break out of the constraints placed on them by Google’s ad requirements, the sky is the limit for creativity. Engaging, dynamic animated ads, combined with a strong call to action and dedicated landing pages, have been proven to drive higher click-through-rates.

The benefits of HTML5 include:

• Using a layered timeline animation to create smooth, engaging animations
• Incorporating vector assets for crisp ad copy
• Setting your creativity skills free by releasing you from FPS and file size limitations
• Quickly scaling ads to multiple formats and sizes
• Easily creating ad variants and translations

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