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Insights:Best Logo Design feature on DesignRush

March 1, 2024
  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith

Ninety-five percent of our time is focussed on making our clients and their marketing efforts look good and perform even better, but of course we occasionally take some time to work on our own brand. We’re thrilled that the Insight logo was chosen by DesignRush to be featured in their Best Logo Designs of 2024 gallery.

Insight Logo Tagline

The recent redesign of Insight’s logo pays homage to the past while setting the stage for the next chapters of Insight’s success. Previously a combination of five colors, our pallette was narrowed to two from the past set – a vibrant teal and orange combination. The “eye” icon was simplified to a singular bold ring, with nested circles representing the pupil of an eye, also an element from our previous logo. The wordmark portion of the Insight logo is composed of custom lettershapes.

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