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Great care translates in any language Megenanyeti (meet) Addiso

Recently moved to the U.S. from Ethiopia.
Has a wife and two lijochi (children).
Is working hard to learn English.

After he’s traveled so far, it means the world for a health care provider to meet him halfway.

Center for Family Medicine Brand Character | Insight Marketing Design Brand Stories
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Moving to a new country comes with a lot of challenges, but the Center for Family Medicine doesn’t think getting quality health care should be one of them. This health care provider’s brand revolves around welcoming everyone – no matter the language they speak.

They live up to this promise by providing patients with translation services in over one hundred languages and also creating marketing materials in a variety of native tongues.

Removing language barriers to health care

Center for Family Medicine Brand Set | Insight Marketing Design Brand Stories
Cfm Brand Pic
Health care begins with caring Understanding makes people feel welcomed

As one of the most widely used brand touchpoints, Insight worked with Center for Family Medicine to create a website that works seamlessly with translation software to ensure every visitor, regardless of their native tongue, can understand the information, schedule appointments and feel comfortable making healthcare decisions.

I don’t have to ask them to come up with ideas-they bring them to me. We have a unique patient population and they accepted that challenge head on. I wear many hats at our organization and they are very respectful of the fact that I can’t devote 100% of my time to marketing. They take care of all of the little details and I don’t ever have to worry that things aren’t getting done. I would definitely recommend Insight.
Brittni PuntMarketing Director

Center for Family Medicine