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food is better when food is fresh Meet Ethan

Don’t bother Ethan, he’s eating.
Burning energy all day long.
Always hungry.

Ethan loves fresh foods – not because it’s good for him but because it just tastes good!

Lunchtime Solutions Brand Character  | Insight Marketing Design Brand Stories
Lunch Brand Logo

Getting kids to eat can be challenging and at school lunchtime that challenge is magnified by hundreds. Lunchtime Solutions foodservice offerings revolve around their commitment to providing the freshest foods that are good for you and also taste great. Insight executed the “Fresh” concept in a wide variety of mediums including a new logo, positioning line, website, signage, video and identity materials.

With marketing materials this colorful and engaging, it’s easy to see Lunchtime Solutions’ commitment to freshness in everything they do. Their new look and messaging has been enthusiastically embraced by their clients and the work continues to create fresh opportunities for the company throughout the Midwest.

A look so fresh, you’ll want to lick your screen

Lunchtime Solutions Brand Signage | Insight Marketing Design Brand Stories
Lunchtime Solutions Menu | Insight Marketing Design Brand Stories
Time for Fresh! Never settle for boring

Lunchtime Solutions’ marketing pieces are bursting with mouthwatering imagery that reinforces their brand story of freshness – both in the food they serve and their approach to food services. Everything the brand does projects this commitment to fresh.