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building a brand A brand story that is all about trust

Meet Mike.

1000+ degree forest fires.
Mangled vehicles with critically injured children inside.
Dousing a fire with water in sub-zero temperatures.

The last thing Mike needs to worry about in these situations is his equipment.

Rosenbauer America Brand Character | Insight Marketing  Design Brand Stories
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While technical advancements and proven technology are both important, the bottom line for first responders like Mike is “trust.” Reassurance that when things are at their worst, you can trust your equipment to not let you down.

Trust is a promise Rosenbauer can make and their commitment to perfection is part of their DNA – part of their 150-year history of manufacturing firefighting equipment.

TRUST is the cornerstone of Insight’s development of Rosenbauer’s brand story.

Rosenbauer America Brand Ad Series | Insight Marketing  Design Brand Stories
Rosenbauer America Brand Brochure | Insight Marketing  Design Brand Stories

Ready for battle Built to slay and designed with fight

Rosenbauer’s “Mythical Beasts” marketing campaign speaks to the real-world emotions and challenges that first responders face. If the company that builds the equipment your life depends on understands what it’s like in the real world, then you can trust them to do everything possible to keep you safe.

This campaign proved that Rosenbauer knows what their end users are up against – and has the equipment to back them up in battle.