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Why brand stories work

Brand storytelling is an effective marketing tool because human minds are wired to process and retain information delivered in a story format. Early humans only had to hear the gruesome story of what a saber tooth tiger could do to a person in order to learn to be particularly wary of them.

In more modern times, neuroscience has shown storytelling to be the most effective way to capture attention and to increase retention of information.

Simply stated, brand stories give consumers a reason to care beyond the least expensive price or most convenient location.

Storytelling is an art Is it a good story?

We’ve all heard boring, pointless stories told with no energy or flair. We’ve also heard stories that capture our imagination, have us sitting on the edge of our seat and rooting for the hero. A well-crafted story connects with the listener on a deep level and creates a bond through shared emotions.

In other words, brand stories need heart.

How Insight crafts brand stories

How and why was your business started?
What challenges and opportunities were faced?
What is your goal?
How do you make a difference?
How does what you do impact the lives of others?
Why should anyone care?

Questions like these form the foundation for each brand story. Narrative is developed and visuals are crafted that reflect your core story and connect with what consumers care about.

This is the power of stories – and that’s what we do.

This is our story We’re ready to craft yours

Through insights and understanding our team of expert storytellers craft your brand story with language, imagery, color, motion, emotion and sound. We dig deep to unveil powerful connections between consumers and your brand and then we share those in a meaningful way that resonates, to create lasting brand loyalty.