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Science Says Ads Make Us Happy!

August 5, 2022   |   Categories: Advertising News, Marketing Insights

A new empirical study, authored by David A. Griffith of Texas A&M University and otherprofessors from other respected universities found advertising makes people happy! Perhaps […]

Should You LOL on Social Media?

July 26, 2022   |   Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Insights, Social Media

Everyone likes a good laugh. That includes brands who utilize social media platforms to grow their businesses. A recent survey showed that 80% of marketers […]

Are You Ready to Get Emotional?

June 13, 2022   |   Category: Marketing Insights

Extensive studies have shown that people make decisions about what brands to buy based on emotions and not through the rational consideration of information. A […]

Is Bigger Always Better When Choosing an Agency Partner?

May 24, 2022   |   Category: Marketing Insights

Larger marketing agencies with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees may appear attractive to businesses searching for a company to work with. These agencies […]

Should You Say It In An Infographic?

May 13, 2022   |   Category: Marketing Insights

We’ve all seen an infographic, maybe visually scanned some or even read them all the way through. Infographics are a graphic representation of data or […]

Do You Really Know Your Customers?

April 18, 2022   |   Category: Marketing Insights

When you’ve been in a business sector for a long time it’s just natural to assume you know everything there is to know about your […]

Is Load Time Hurting Your Bottom Line?

April 11, 2022   |   Category: Marketing Insights

In today’s busy world, patience is definitely in low supply. People expect things immediately, if not faster. This is particularly true in the digital world. […]

Insight Named Distinguished Agency by Horizon Interactive Awards

April 8, 2022   |   Category: Marketing Insights

Celebrating their 20th year, the Horizon Interactive Awards, have selected Insight as a “Distinguished Agency.” The Horizon Interactive Awards recognize the best websites, website design, […]

Insight’s Founding Partner Retires

March 28, 2022   |   Categories: IMD Announcements, Marketing Insights

Candy Van Dam, who co-founded Insight in 2003 with Doug Moss, will be stepping back from her career at the end of March, marking 19 […]