Veronica Knippling

Junior Designer

Veronica Knippling’s vibrant personality adds a lot of energy and excitement in the office. A cattle rancher at heart, she is a hard-worker with a tenacious mindset and brings that tenacity with her to Insight as our Junior Graphic Designer. She tackles all design challenges with the will to not only make things look pretty, but to do so with relevance and clarity with a modern flair, skills she learned while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Art History from the University of South Dakota. While she loves a good Iced Espresso Shaker with Caramel, as well as St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, her favorite things to do are fish and enjoy the wide open spaces at her father and brother’s Gann Valley ranch, which includes a lot of horse riding and fence fixing.

Veronica Knippling
Font fiend, avid guitar player, cattle rancher at heart
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