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Gaye Grider

Media Director Gaye Grider

Media Strategist & Buyer, Proofreader, Cat Fancier

One of the most experienced and respected media buyers in the state, Gaye plans, negotiates and places traditional and online media in local, regional and national markets. Gaye also brings solid expertise in copywriting, proofreading and public relations. She’s a tough – but fair – negotiator, and consistently achieves added value and bonus placement in her media plans.

Gaye’s skill set encompasses all aspects of media placement – from strategic planning and budget allocations to coordination, negotiations and placement. She completes all buys with a post-buy analysis, make-goods, invoice processing, billing and reconciliations. When she’s not planning or placing media, she puts a critical eye to proofreading or developing public relations programs.

Outside the office:

What DOESN’T Gaye do during her free time!? She likes to keep busy – keeping up with many friends and past coworkers, attending dance classes, entertaining her granddaughter, etc. A social butterfly, it seems Gaye recognizes someone everywhere she goes! She’s known for her colorful outfits (and hair!) and brings much vibrancy to the office! If you know Gaye, one of her favorite things is her cats, and she loves them dearly. Oh yes, let us not forget her passion for zombies, which is quite fitting since her fav holiday is Halloween. Her dance troupe has participated year after year in the annual Zombiewalk, performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance while fully zombie-fied.