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Clearly Creative
Jill Smith

Partner / VP of Digital Services Jill Smith

Designer, Web Developer, Backyard Chicken Keeper

A double-threat talent, Jill Smith is both an excellent graphic designer and a skilled website programmer. With an education in graphic design, web design and web development, she started her career with the digital future in mind. She is acutely tuned to user experience, but also understands the importance of artistry and effective visual solutions. Jill has designed and developed sites for many of Insight’s clients over the years and her work has been recognized in numerous website competitions, including the w3 Awards and Horizon Interactive Awards.

Jill still gets to dabble in traditional design projects — whenever she has a break in the digital workflow (not too often!). She has designed branding graphics, print pieces and even worked as a colorist on a children’s book project.

Outside the office:

Having grown up on a farm, Jill remains a “country girl” at heart and enjoys living on a small acreage with her husband and kids. They have enjoyed their foray into raising backyard chickens, and spend a great deal of time hunting for wild asparagus during the short spring growing season – practically begging everyone at the office to take bags home with them. She’s also pretty crafty – a maker of “all the things” – not afraid to wield a power tool or two.