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Katrina Vyborny

Account Executive Katrina Vyborny

Account Management, Marketing Coordinator, In-Office Snuggie Wearer

Katrina Vyborny brings a wealth of marketing and media buying experience to Insight. Before joining our team as an Associate Account Executive, Katrina worked as an Account Executive for a large automotive group and has always been driven to deliver exceptional client service. At Insight, Katrina works closely with our clients to coordinate marketing efforts, keep projects on schedule, develop industry research reports and the countless other tasks that go into creating successful marketing programs.

Outside the office:

Katrina’s love of running and biking demonstrates her unquenchable desire to constantly be moving forward. She also attends Sioux Falls Sword Academy and is learning the martial art of Kendo – refinement of the human spirit through study of the sword. If you spend any time with Katrina at all, you’ll see she already has a vibrant human spirit. And her sword-swinging skills! Whew! Watch out for this gold medalist, as she’s very passionate about her four cats, two of which are hairless.