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Branding • Tradeshow Trust the Truck

Rosenbauer builds custom emergency vehicles for clients around the globe. When they needed new positioning, graphics and collateral materials to heat up sales, they called Insight.

Rosenbauer Color
Rba Signage
Rba Conference
Rba Arial View
Conceptual Illustrations Visuals that put you in the driver’s seat

A combination of 3D illustration and photography answered our client’s question about how to show the roominess of their fire engine cabs.

Insight took the time to understand our products and our end-users. As a result, the “Trust the Truck” campaign was a successful marketing campaign that resonated with Rosenbauer America’s customers: firefighters and first responders. Insight’s understanding, experience and expertise in this industry allowed them to provide on-target marketing concepts without burdening the Rosenbauer marketing staff with unnecessary meetings or internal revisions.
Neil ChaneyMarketing – Digital Strategist
Rosenbauer America


Rba Monster1
Rba Monster2
Rba Monster3

Digital display ads Heating up sales

These bold banner ads were designed to be frighteningly effective. By featuring mythical beasts, they drove real-world conversions in high numbers.

Rba Digital

Various Illustration Styles The right look for the right medium

Insight’s in-house artists created simplified 2D line art for clear instructional documents and realistic 3D illustrations from CAD drawings for use in both print and digital mediums. Utilizing the right style of illustration based on usage has helped their line of firefighting and emergency vehicles become hot sellers.

Rba Lineart
Rba Truck Illustration

Photoshop Production It’s all in the details

When the equipment you build literally saves lives it’s important to deliver the final product quickly. This means the opportunity for elaborate photoshoots of finished trucks is not an option. Fortunately Insight offers photoshop expertise to make the trucks look great without holding up real world delivery schedules.    


Rba Photo Before


Rba Photo After