September 2013

Marketing Insights: Sometimes being a tease is good

Teaser Campaign

Here’s an idea: why not spend your marketing dollars on outdoor boards, print ads, digital ads maybe even TV commercials and then not tell the audience you’re reaching who you are or what you’re selling?

Actually, it’s not always a bad idea.

Teaser campaigns usually provide cryptic messages designed not to inform–but to build curiosity and create buzz. The goal is to stand out from the never-ending onslaught of marketing messages and start people talking. 

For a teaser campaign to have a chance of providing any ROI at all, it needs to be carefully planned and executed. The “teaser” message should relate to your brand and the pay-off needs to reward the audience and not leave them feeling like they have been tricked. They should also be short-lived because consumers lose interest in pretty much everything fairly quickly.

When done well, teaser campaigns can build excitement for new product launches or new marketplace offerings. Done poorly, the promise of a teaser campaign will end up just being a tease.


Next week’s topic – Personality grows brands.


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