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Prank Vertising

Insights:Marketing Insights: Who gets the last laugh with prank vertising?

October 28, 2013

Prank vertising, when companies trick people in an attempt to promote their product or service, has been on an upswing. Naturally this prank is filmed and posted all over the Internet, thus the –vertising part of prank vertising.

If the prank is good and entertaining to watch, these videos can reach a huge audience. Unfortunately, pranks by their nature tend to be mean-spirited or down-right cruel. Not emotions most business want associated with their brand. 

There is also the very real risk of hurting someone or getting sued. When people are scared or freaked out, they tend to fall back on the fight or flight response — both of which can do some real harm.

If you decide to attempt prank vertising, be sure you’re aware of the risk and ask yourself “how would you feel if someone pulled this prank on you?” Looking like a jerk is never a good marketing technique.


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