June 2014

Marketing Insights: Your marketing collateral doesn’t have to just lay there.

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In the world of marketing, collateral usually means things like brochures, catalogs, folders, rack cards and anything that is supposed to aid in the sales process.

When most people hear words like brochures and catalogs, they think flat pages that are folded or connected together. For many companies, it’s really an after thought that is heavy on facts and light on attention-getting creativity. This is a huge mistake.

When you consider that collateral is the marketing material most often used late in the sales process — when people are about to decide to buy or not buy — the more compelling this piece is can make the difference between a sale or no sale.

This is why, when you look at Insight Marketing Design’s marketing collateral work, you’ll see things like a catalog that is actually a book of posters, brochures that pop-up, spin and even slide-out — collateral that engages its readers. From capability pieces that connect to make 3-dimensional structure to pictures that change depending on what angle you view them, we are always striving to provide our clients just what they need to close the deal.

When it comes time to create or re-create your company’s marketing collateral material, consider if you want something that is ho-hum or something engaging that will help keep your sales humming along.

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