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Insights:Marketing Insights: Three reasons marketers no longer dread summer.

June 20, 2014

Years ago, before the world of entertainment and information became omnipresent, summer was considered a dead season for marketing. A time when there were only reruns on the few TV channels, no device to look at and just movies and dancing hot dogs trying to get you to go to the snack bar in movie theaters.

Families were forced to go outside or play games for fun. But the world is ever-evolving and today summer is hot for marketers.

  • Broadcasters introduce new shows year-round so there is always an audience waiting to be wooed.
  • Online offers virtually unlimited marketing opportunities and if most kids are like mine, their faces are glued to the screen even when camping in a natural wonderland.
  • Even movie theatres show commercials before you can view the latest summer blockbuster.

Which is why marketers need to be more aware of how to maximize the summer audiences. It takes a little more finesse and an even more precise audience targeting, but your potential customers are reachable even in the dog days of summer.

If your company pulls back marketing during this season you may just find, come fall, that your market share has fallen just like the temperatures.

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