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Insights:Insights on The Question.

September 10, 2014

Coming up with new ways to solve a challenge happens daily at Insight Marketing Design.

Looking at the same situation in a totally fresh way is what leads to break-through creative executions and attention-getting strategies. These are the things that help provide our clients with a competitive advantage. It’s also an approach that can help in any business and even individuals.

The simplest way is to change the question.

For example, instead of asking, “How do I get more customers?” change the question to something like “Why do I have the customers I already have?” When you examine it from that angle, you may expose compelling reasons why people have chosen your business and leverage that info to grow your customer base.

Another value of changing your question is that most people in your situation are asking the same questions in the same way which, by default, will naturally lead to the same answers. So even if you come up with a great answer, your competition will probably have the same answer, negating any potential gains.

The best way to create something unique and attention-getting is often to simply question your questions.

Any questions?

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