May 2015

A different type of droning on for marketers.

Blog Drones

People have been complaining for decades about how marketers drone on and on and on about how great their products are. In most cases it’s true. Repetition is one of the tried and true methods of getting a brand remembered.

But that’s not the drone I’m speaking of today. You may have noticed a recent influx of stunning aerial photography for smaller brands and widespread use of this technique in social media and online videos. It’s all thanks to the proliferation of those clever little flying devices called drones.

At one time, sweeping overhead shots and fast-paced, long-distance traveling shots would only be seen in major movies and from marketers who had millions of dollars to spend on ads. Then the drones attacked.

Well, not really attacked; we’ll leave that to the military folks. But drones started popping up everywhere. Now smaller and midsize marketers can afford to reach for the sky and capture images that would have been well beyond their budget even a few years ago.

Though, like most technology that becomes more affordable, we’re all going to be subjected to more and more pointless flying shots and soon everyone will be totally unimpressed.

The important thing to remember is that technology like drones may help you tell your story in a more impactful way, but it isn’t the story in itself, unless you’re selling drones.

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