June 2015

Marketing Insights: National days of…

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We recently celebrated the much-anticipated National Donut Day. Naturally our agency opted to celebrate this day by eating donuts.

If it seems like there’s a National Day of something every day, that’s because there pretty much is. In fact, many National Days have to share their day with other worthy causes, such as National Yo-Yo Day and National Higher Education Day on June 6th. (Guess which one of those two more kids want to celebrate.)

National Days come in a lot of different shapes and forms. Actual U.S. Government approved days are much more rare (because it literally takes an act of Congress) than the unapproved fun days like the always-popular “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Other days were created to benefit a worthy cause, deed or event. National Donut Day was created in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honor those who served donuts and provided other support to World War 1 soldiers.

Social Media has made National Day celebrations more prominent than ever before, and smart marketers can certainly benefit by aligning their brand to carefully chosen one(s) that reflect their core brand attributes. Whether the day you choose is for a serious cause that can benefit from more awareness or just silly fun that brings people together, National Days can be a great away to build excitement with your customers and staff.

Hope you’re having a wonderful National Day of ________________(Fill in the blank based on what day you’re reading this blog) today!

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