September 2015

Marketing Insights: Increasing enrollment with a pole.

Blog Pole Cam

Unique television production techniques can go a long way to get a message noticed. At Insight, we’re always looking for a different and more effective way to produce work that gets attention for our clients.

A recent television production job provided the perfect opportunity to go out on a limb…or more appropriately, a pole.

The usual way to create smooth moving vertical shots for broadcast jobs is with a camera jib. A camera jib is a big crane-like device that carries a camera on the end, which allows the camera to capture images while moving in a vertical direction. It’s a great effect, but it takes a long time to set up a jib move and that adds considerably to a production’s budget.

For a recent Lake Area Technical Institute shoot we wanted the smooth, vertical motion, without the added time and expense of a camera jib. The solution was working with a production house that uses a Polecam. This device is just what it sounds like: a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver pole with a video camera mounted to it. The polecam can be set up in just minutes. The use of this equipment kept our production on schedule and on budget. We also think it helped make the spot more impactful. Click here to see for yourself how a pole increased the production value of Lake Area Tech’s newest television commercial.

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