November 2015

Marketing Insights: Building a Home for Austin

Blog Home For Austin

Many months ago, Insight’s designer and web developer, Jill Smith, shared with us the story of a young boy named Austin. Austin had lost his arms and legs to a rare form of bacterial meningitis. The apartment the family lived in was not handicap accessible and it was impossible for Austin to get around his house without assistance.

Led by his Kindergarten teacher and a team of volunteers, the community of Tea came together with the goal of building a home for Austin and his family – a home designed to give Austin independence and the ability to perform so many of the daily tasks most of us take for granted.

While many generous members of our community donated their expertise in construction, plumbing, electrical and other trades required to build a home, we donated our expertise in web design and online promotion.

Insight created a website AHOMEFORAUSTIN.ORG to help promote this wonderful cause and to provide a simple way for people to donate.

After all the community’s generosity and hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Austin and his family recently attended an open house at their new home. He was thrilled with how easily he could get around, exploring all the features that will allow him to accomplish so much by himself. The family is planning their move-in date with great anticipation.

Austin’s home is a perfect reminder this time of year of how miracles can happen when people join together through love and kindness to bring joy to others.

Welcome home Austin, from your friends at Insight Marketing Design.

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