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Insights:Marketing Insights: Facebook Advertising – Everything old is new again.

April 19, 2016

The first daytime soap opera on television, “These Are My Children” in 1949, began the onslaught of shows that were sponsored and often produced by manufacturing companies, particularly companies that made products aimed at housewives, like soap, thus soap operas.

This close association between entertainment and selling was a boom for marketers for generations. Of course, by boom, I mean very profitable for both the entertainment companies and the companies using this method to promote their products.

But just like how soap operas live off the surprise twist and shocking revelations, GASP – Facebook advertising has brought this classic mix back.

Facebook’s new guidelines on branded content now allow content that specifically mentions or features a third party product and the Facebook page owners who have huge audiences can get paid (in the open) for it.

This has been the change media companies, celebrities and want-to-be celebrities have been waiting for to monetize their Facebook advertising efforts. The ROI on Facebook-ing will most likely take off with this move that takes third party sponsorship out of the shadows.

You can get more info on this new Facebook update here –

And give us a call – 605.275.0011 – if you want more info on how and if this approach might be right for your business.


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