August 2016

Multiple Networks Digital Campaigns

Digital Marketing Case Studies

There’s a lot of digital landscape for marketers to cover. Most recent estimates suggest there are over 1 billion websites in cyberspace.

Of course, that number is always fluctuating with thousands of new sites going online every day and thousands more “dying” or disappearing on those same days.

Google is said to serve approximately 40,000 searches every second, or roughly 3.5 billion searches daily which, particularly when you keep in mind Google is only one of many search engines, is a whole lot of people looking for a whole lot of different things.

The real question for marketers is how do I get my message to the people who are most likely to be my customers?

The answer is relatively simple, carefully and accurately define who your customers are and then utilize that information to identify where they are most likely to visit.

The one thing that makes this possible in an online world with billions of options is that most people only visit 96 separate domains per month, according to Nielsen research.

By creating customer profiles you can eliminate millions and millions of sites that your potential customer most likely won’t ever visit.

To optimize your online marketing effectiveness also requires a multi-pronged approach, including traditional media outlets, to put your message in front of the right audience multiple times.

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