October 2016

Getting sales cooking for the holidays

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The baking season is quickly approaching.

As the temperature dips and the holiday decorations start popping up everywhere, it’s just natural for people’s thoughts (and stomachs) to start dreaming of fresh-baked goodness.

For many, the smell of cookies, cakes and every imaginable baked good are as big a part of the holidays as shopping and stress. That makes this the perfect time of year for helpful and tasty inspirations to be shared by Insight’s client, the South Dakota Poultry Association.

This year, Insight Marketing Design is taking our client’s message, in conjunction with the American Egg Board, right to the epicenter of online inspiration: Pinterest.

You can do a lot with the humble egg, and our Pinterest board will share dozens of ways to turn eggs into absolutely fabulous treats.

The first ingredient to egg marketing success is a demographic and geo-targeted Facebook campaign with a potential reach of over 200,000 individuals. Of course, the real strength of Facebook and Pinterest is share-ability, so that 200,000 could organically grow exponentially.

Then we mix in a Pinterest board with a curated mouth-watering selection of treats and recipes that can add new excitement to this season’s baking.

research has shown that 88% of people on Pinterest purchase the products they pin, so this year is shaping up to deliver “eggactly” what our client is hoping for.

The Insight-developed holiday baking Pinterest board can be found under the South Dakota Poultry Association name.

Here’s hoping you have a delicious holiday season.

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