May 2017

Marketing Insights: Child online safety

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Insight’s digital team members spend most of their time researching and developing effective online marketing campaigns, tools, platforms and strategies. Their laser like focus on all things digital consistently returns higher-than- average ROI for our diverse client list.

And, while online efforts can help businesses reach potential customers and build
brand loyalty, it can also be used for nefarious purposes providing ways for criminals to interact with children.

It was this reason that a Sioux Falls Parents Teacher Organization reached out to Insight’s Chief Strategy Officer and Partner Candy Van Dam to speak about online safety at their Parent Education Series: Raising Children in Society Today!

The subject of this presentation was current social media and technology covering computer and phone Internet and apps – risks, dangers, popular apps and parental suggestions.

The risk to children online is very real and there are countless stories of tragic events that begin online and end with abductions, abuse, bullying and worse.

Joining Candy for the presentation was a Sioux Falls Police Department detective who investigates cyber crime against children and a middle school guidance counselor.

The goal was to provide the over 60 parents who attended the meeting the information and best practices to monitor and protect children from online risks.

Candy’s presentation included information about tools parents can use to monitor their children’s online usage, how to discuss online dangers and the importance of digital privacy.

She also identified a long list (and unfortunately always growing) questionable social media sites and apps.

A key take away from Candy’s presentation was the importance of talking to your children about where they go online, who they interact with and explaining the risk. 

It is also vital to know your child’s passwords to be able to accurately monitor their online behavior.

The truth is children today are glued to their screens. It’s where they interact and spend a large portion of their waking hours.

Understanding what a parent can do to protect children online is now as important as reminding them to look both ways before they cross a road.

And please remember it’s just not children who can fall victim to an online scam, so stay aware and informed to ensure safe web surfing.

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