July 2017

Marketing Insights: You can’t beat the right music

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This has been a busy broadcast year for Insight Marketing Design. It seems that almost every day we have been in production for a television spot, radio spot, online video or video presentation.

Videos and radio spots are an effective way to communicate a businesses or organizations message and the video format has exploded on the web because most people prefer to watch something than read something.

One of the most vital parts of a successful broadcast project is something the viewer may not consciously consider, but has a dramatic effect on their reaction to a spot.

Music can make or break a spot. The music you hear in the background or even the forefront of a spot helps define the feelings the spot is trying to portray.

When deciding on the appropriate music for a project, the first thing we do is consider the mood of the spot. Should the viewer feel happy, sad, excited, relaxed, introspective or uplifted? Next we decide how much the music should drive the spot.

Should it be a major focus or simply a background element that ties the spot together and help move the story along?

Our projects this year have reflected all these approaches, from television commercials that use only music to tell the story to spots where the music is a background element behind both voice-overs and extensive sound effects.

There are many ways to acquire music for broadcast jobs and each method offers its advantages. Original music is music that is created specifically for a project. This approach typical offers exactly what you are looking for and eliminates the risk of a competitor using the same music.

Another approach is acquiring rights-managed existing music. Right-managed means you are paying for the right to use a particular cut of music for a limited time. If you decide to continue using the music after your rights have expired, you will need to re-license the music and pay again for the usage.

The most cost-effective way to acquire music is called royalty-free. This simply means you pay a one-time fee to use the music as long as you like. The downside of this approach is that any one else, including your competitors and others can also use the music, which may cause confusion in the marketplace.

To hear how Insight Marketing Design has helped create exactly the right mood with music for our clients, visit our broadcast section on our website, here.

If you interested in producing a broadcast job, give us a call at 605-275- 0011 and we’ll show you how we can make beautiful music together.

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