September 2017

Brand emails: Consumers actually like them

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Before you get too excited and too quick to barrage your customers with email marketing, the recent Adobe Consumer Survey Report made the statement about consumers liking brand emails with a whole list of caveats.

The good news to come from this survey of over 1,000 white-collar participants is that 61% of respondents said that email was the preferred way to receive offers.

This represents a 24% increase in a single year. But hold off on hitting the send button. Over half of this group said the most annoying thing about branded emails is receiving too many, too often.

A smart marketer knows that his customers’ time is valuable, and tying them up with a shower of Brand emails actually has the reverse result from they’re looking for.

Soon these customers will ignore all your emails, send them all to junk or if they’re really annoyed, actually take the time to click the opt out button.

Pace yourself when planning your email marketing strategy.

The other big finding to come from this study involves what is actually in the email. 40% of respondents want to receive content with actual information, not just the hard sell.

Helping your customers with practical and timely information can go a long way to building brand loyalty.

When you think about it, these findings are pretty intuitive. Don’t pester your consumers, don’t waste their time, and provide communications with a perceived value.

At Insight, these are rules we live by when developing and managing our clients’ email campaigns. They work, and our clients consistently see higher-than-average results.

The reason you’ll really want to take these points into consideration is the last finding I’ll share with you. The number of hours consumers spend on email has been dwindling over the years, and this year it dropped 27%.

That means a lot less eyeballs for your message to hit if you’re not at the top of your email marketing game.

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