August 2017

May I have your attention for six seconds?

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Pay attention, you may miss the next big marketing format. Lots of big online players, like Google and Facebook, are touting 2018 as the year of the six-second video.

This nano-video format is said to be ideal for reaching millennials and Gen Z consumers. These groups are known, or at least thought, to have an amazingly short attention span.

A recent Microsoft research study puts the modern adult’s attention span at eight seconds. This is a reduction of four seconds from an earlier 2000 study that placed the average attention span at 12 seconds. The blame for our ever-reducing attention span is placed firmly on the proliferation of digital content.

Another reason supporters of the six-second video format say that this is an ideal length is the belief that if a consumer is unfamiliar with your brand, they won’t invest any time watching your messaging.

The six-second spots are a way to introduce your brand without asking for a major time commitment (major being a whopping 15 or even 30 seconds).

The real challenge of this format is being able to distill a marketing story that resonates with the audience’s attention to just a few words or images.

This makes me think about the famous bet that author Ernest Hemingway (there is still doubt by some that it was Hemmingway who wrote this 6-word novel) made that he could write a novel in just six words.

The bet-winning story he wrote said: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

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