August 2018

Scutoids. Who saw that coming?

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They say there’s nothing new under the sun. But the truth is in this amazing world there’s always something new, and often right under your nose. This time it’s the unfortunately named scutoid.

You would think that the discovery of something as world-shaking as a brand-new shape deserves a nomenclature more exciting and inspiring than scutoid. But scientists are not marketing people and instead of spending their days coming up with catchy names, some are obviously closely studying tiny cells that cover the surface of our skin, along with the salivary glands of fruit flies — which are a couple places they’ve happened upon this brand-new shape.

The scutoid features five sides on one end and four on the other. This unique shape allows the scutoid to make curved surfaces without pulling apart.

Pretty amazing, but the fun part is going to be figuring out how the new scutoid shape will shape the future of marketing.

Perhaps billboards will ditch the boring old rectangle and adopt the new and improved scutoid.

How about scutoid direct mail? Which could lead to a new shape for all our mail boxes.

Or scutoid packaging? That’ll knock all those boring square-shaped boxes right off the shelf.

All kidding aside, the real lesson we can learn from the scutoid is to always keep looking. Breakthroughs in science — like marketing — require looking past the expected for something truly unique and engaging.

So join us in welcoming the scutoid. And remember, Insight Marketing Design is the world leader in scutoid marketing solutions.


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