July 2019

The appeal of branded apparel

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To successful build a brand you need to build brand awareness. That means people must see your messaging enough to recognize and remember it. Companies spend billions and billions of dollars to accomplish this goal and reap the benefits. When you hear “brand building,” you probably think about television commercials, billboards, radio spots, online marketing, social media, etc., etc., etc. But brand awareness can be much more personal.

Everyone wears clothes, so creating branded apparel that features your logo or a brand-appropriate message can be a great way to get your brand seen locally, nationally and even internationally.

Branded apparel can be a cost-effective and long-lasting addition to your marketing mix.

Branded apparel is a great gift for your employees. For them, they get a usable item and can show pride in their company. You get a bunch of people representing your brand everywhere they go. Of course, you’ll want to be sure the items are high quality and attractive, otherwise your branding efforts may be crammed into a dark bureau draw never to see the light of day.

Giving branded clothing to your customers is also a great way to both keep your company top-of-mind and also add to your army of walking billboards. And if your brand is big enough, cool enough or interesting enough, you can also sell apparel that features your logo or brand messaging.

Keep in mind, branded clothing can be a lot of things besides the expected t-shirt or ball cap. At Insight we’ve designed a wide variety of clothing items for our clients and our agency, including everything from button down shirts and bandanas to pajama pants and cycling outfits. Naturally we’ve also done sweatshirts, jackets and yes, a lot of T-shirts, because well, who doesn’t love a t-shirt?

When we work on an apparel assignment, we approach it as we would any other marketing project. We have a clear understanding of the target market, the brand’s tone and a focus on what will make the item appealing to the individual we want to wear it.

If you’re still not sure about branded clothing for your business, next time you go for a walk, keep an eye out for clothing that features a brand other than a clothing brand. You can also click here to check out an Insight Marketing Design case study with did for a financial firm that features branded clothing as part of their marketing mix.

Whether as a reward for employees, a thank you to customers, or even as a contest prize, customized clothing featuring your brand can keep your business looking sharp.

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