December 2019

Day 10 of the 12 Days of Creative!

Blog 12 Days 10

Have a holly, jolly creative – it’s the best thing of the year. Insight’s Creative Director loves to make people laugh, so Jon Carroll’s choice for number ten on the 12 Days of Creative hit list should come as no surprise. Featuring tongue-in-cheek humor that resonated with the target market, it got the job done while leaving a smile on peoples’ faces.

Here’s Jon’s number ten pick.

Dakota Micro attitude magazine advertisement.

“Dakota Micro builds the world’s toughest camera systems for the world’s toughest job sites. This ad took a humorous approach to let the audience know that we know what they go through every day. The best part of this ad is that, while funny, it still made important points about the camera system’s capabilities. Ho, ho, ho.”

Jon Carroll
Insight Marketing Design
[email protected]

You can see this and more award-winning creative we’ve done for Dakota Micro here.  Join the conversation about this work and our team’s other choices on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see day 11 of Insight’s 12 Days of Creative!


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