March 2020

Marketing during the coronavirus pandemic

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The outbreak of the coronavirus has drastically altered almost every part of American life. From things as basic as how we greet each other (handshakes have become threatening not welcoming) to businesses mandating people work from home.

While we all hope the coronavirus crisis will shortly fade away, the question remains what should marketers be doing until then?

Naturally the answers depend on what industry you’re in but here are a few general marketing guidelines you may want to consider following.

1) Be helpful – Now is an ideal time for brands to show they care about more than just their bottomline. Donating time, resources and/or money to help fight this pandemic will generate goodwill towards your brand and will also potentially provide valuable PR opportunities. It’s also the right thing to do.

2) Be understanding – Penalizing people for cancelling reservations or being unable to return products during a predetermined time frame will most likely create major backlash that will cost your business more in the long run. Marketing which features revised policies that your company has adopted during this time can reinforce brand loyalty and also attract new customers.

3) Be strategic – More and more people are staying home instead of going out. This means information and entertainment devices that people use within their home are going to see major traffic increases. Now is the time to review your digital and broadcast marketing efforts to ensure your brand is reaching this audience and that your messaging is appropriate for today’s environment.

Successful marketers are always adapting to social and economic shifts. This latest crisis is just another time when the message needs to match the mood of the consumers. As long as you’re considering the concerns, feelings and needs of your brand’s audience, your brand can help make a difficult time easier and also create a stronger bond with your customers

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