May 2020

Marketing During a Pandemic:
Employees should be top of mind

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For many companies, employees working remotely is a completely new experience. Adapting to this new arrangement will take some time and effort, but done correctly it can help reduce the impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying economic downturn.

The key to successfully navigating this change is communication. Keeping employees in the know and up-to-date helps retain the feeling of being part of a team. It also allows for the flow of valuable ideas and helps keep people focused on important tasks. 

A few simple ways to keep your team working as one include:

Be transparent – Everyone is worried. But keeping your employees aware of the steps your company is taking during the crisis and sharing challenges lets them be proactive and involved. There are few things more debilitating than fear of the unknown, now is the time to share.

Keep connected – Schedule regular teleconferencing meetings with tools like Zoom or Go-To-Meeting that allow your staff to interact more like they have in the past. In addition to being an effective way to promote team thinking it reminds everyone they are not alone. 

Keep morale up – An important part of being a team is interacting on more than just work projects. Review what your company has done for team building activities in the past and consider how they can be adapted to today’s non-contact reality. From Zoom Happy Hours and birthday celebrations to Virtual Lunch and Learns there are multiple ways to keep camaraderie alive and well. 

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Stay informed and stay well.

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