August 2020

Aspiration is still viable.

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Before the pandemic hit one of the most powerful strategic marketing tones to adopt was aspirational. Messaging that made so much feel attainable and empowered people to dream. 

The reason this approach is so utilized is that it’s human nature to want to achieve more, to reach new plateaus and to nurture an internal belief that anything is possible. Brands that aligned themselves with these lofty goals often became bigger than the products or services they sell.

When COVID-19 arrived most marketing pivoted to a commiserate tone. “We’re all in this together” and “During these uncertain times” and similar sentiments seemed to be everywhere, ad nauseam. In many cases it made sense then, people appreciated the compassion and support that brands were trying to portray.

But as the months have rolled on many brands have failed to realize that people need more than pity and practicalities. They need their imagination to be stimulated. They need to capture a vision of amazing possibilities. They need to dream and strive once again.

Creating new marketing that is aspirational is not only not inappropriate, it can actually be therapeutic for viewers. A rallying cry to look forward and hope. 

Hope springs eternal…particularly in marketing.

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