September 2020

How does a company get started selling products online?

Getting started with eCommerce is no easy feat – it takes planning and forethought to implement in a timely manner.  Insight can guide you in selecting an eCommerce platform based on the size of your product catalog – some are better suited for selling thousands of products while other solutions may be better tailored for intangible goods or services. At the very least, you need to think about security of payment data and implementation of a PCI-compliant payment processor. You’ll need a plan for shipping and calculating added freight costs, as well as collecting appropriate sales tax. 

After these basic requirements are met, nearly any platform can be customized depending on the needs of your business (i.e.: inventory control, invoicing, package tracking).

There’s much to consider when getting into eCommerce – having created and launched multiple eCommerce websites for our clients, Insight can help guide you through the necessary steps and provide digital design and coding to get your online store up and running.

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