September 2020

Is traditional marketing dead? Why print and broadcast still matter.

Some will say, “yes” and some will say, “no”. We say, it depends on the audience. The holistic approach to media planning should always start with knowing or defining your audience. There’s no point in purchasing media if that media doesn’t reach the target audience.   

Understanding your target markets media preferences should drive your decisions on appropriate placement. Traditional channels are preferred by many industries because that is where their audience gets information. Other demographic groups are primarily reachable through digital media options. Often a combination of traditional and new media provides the reach and frequency needed to become top- of-mind with prospective customers. As the old saying goes, fish where the fish are.

The question of media channels would typically fall under media planning. But, in today’s competitive marketplace, marketers should also include strategists and creative staff. The entire team needs to imagine what type of story needs to be told and how each channel could provide the appropriate canvas. With the entire team involved, it helps ensure campaigns can be effective across a variety of channels and successfully connect with your target audience.

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