September 2020

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As a group of marketing professionals, the team at Insight Marketing Design spends all day and a fair number of nights thinking about marketing. We explore potential strategies, we mull over creative executions, we ponder media platforms, we reflect on demographics and we geek out about the latest technologies.

In fact, we are so tuned into the world of marketing that we sometimes assume everyone has an intimate understanding of the wild and wonderful minutia that is advertising. But the reality is that’s just not true.

We’re always glad to answer questions about our trade, which led us to the thought that it might be helpful to make it easy for people to find answers to some of the questions about marketing that we hear the most.

So we got together all the pros in our various departments: creative, digital, media, account service and strategy to identify and answer the top questions for each department.

The result is a new webpage on the Insight Marketing Design website called Insightful Answers.

On our Insightful Answers webpage you’ll find nine categories with multiple answers to a wide variety of questions. The categories include:

• Working with an Advertising Agency

• About Insight Marketing Design

• Branding/Marketing

• Marketing During a Pandemic

• Online & Social Media Marketing (Digital Advertising)

• Website Design and Development

• Video, TV, Radio & Print (Traditional Advertising)

• Marketing Methods and Techniques

• Media Buying, Negotiation and Placement

You can check out over 35 answers to common marketing questions here. And if you have additional questions or want more information about a subject, we invite you to send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss whatever marketing related questions you have. After all, we love this stuff!

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