September 2020

What is PPC and how much does it cost?

PPC, or Pay-per-Click, is an online marketing model where advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked on. Essentially, it is a method of buying visits to your website rather than relying solely on SEO for people to find your site organically.

The Pay-per-Click model is used on both social media and search engine marketing platforms like Google, where ad placement is based on an auction system. Advertisers bid on relevant keywords with the highest bidder being rewarded the highest placement.  Once the ad is placed, the advertiser pays if someone chooses to click on their ad.

The cost of PPC varies widely. While an advertiser can cap their budget to ensure that the campaign doesn’t exceed desired spend, the optimal budget relies on multiple factors. These can include the size of the geographical reach of the campaign and, most importantly, the nature of the industry being advertised. More than anything else, the industry dictates how much each click is likely to cost. 

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