September 2020

Why do ads seem to follow me around the Internet?

Most people who spend time online have noticed that after visiting a website they may be shown related advertising that appears to follow them around the Internet. It’s not spyware or malware, nor is the Internet listening to your conversations! It’s an online advertising technique called remarketing, or retargeting.

Upon visiting a website, a temporary electronic “cookie” is saved in your Internet browser that transmits information to ad servers about your internet browsing history. This in turn allows the ad system to serve up ads to you that it believes you would be interested in. As a digital marketing strategy, it is an effective way of generating a second chance to convert customers who may not have completed a transaction or desired action the first time they visited your site.

While remarketing campaigns are surprisingly easy to implement, doing so effectively requires forethought and strategy. Through the use of tailored ‘follow up ads’ and frequency capping, a remarketing campaign can effectively guide on-the-fence customers further down the sales funnel.

Remarketing is effective and when managed correctly can drive improved ROI for pay-per-click advertisers.

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