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Insights:Insight Cares Donations – Lorna

April 14, 2021

Ty Eschenbaum Foundation

Our next $100 “Insight Cares” anniversary donation was selected by Account Coordinator Lorna Riemer and goes to the Ty Eschenbaum Foundation. 

“When Ty was 15 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. Since his battle and victory against cancer, he has started a foundation to help youth cancer survivors in South Dakota pursue their post-secondary education goals with scholarships awarded through the foundation. I have known Ty and the Eschenbaum family for about eight years now. I met Ty’s younger brother Calder at college at SDSU toward the end of my freshman year and we became quick friends. Hearing Ty speak to his experience and how he wants to help kids who were in the same situation as him is so admirable and I know the families he helps are grateful beyond words.”

Help us make an impact – visit their website to find out how to donate!

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