August 2022

What About “About Us” Web Pages?

What About "about Us" Web Pages?

Most businesses have an “About Us” page on their website, but not many use it to its full potential. In fact, a majority of “About Us” pages are boring and easily forgotten. Your “About Us” page should be viewed as an opportunity to bring your story to life in an engaging and relatable manner.

The first thing to remember when planning your “About Us” page is that it’s really about your customers. While that may sound counterintuitive, the real point of this page is to demonstrate how your brand reflects what is important to the people you serve.

To do this effectively you must show how every part of your story revolves around your customers’ needs and wants.  A few examples of this approach include:

  • A mission statement that aligns with your customers’ values.
  • A company story that shows how your brand was born to solve a relatable problem or fill a missing need/want.
  • Leadership or employee bios that put a face on the company and create an approachable feeling. Interesting personal tidbits and content that show distinct personalities humanize your brand. This can also work well for recruitment by answering the question – Would I want to work with these people?
  • Be unexpected. Most business’s “About Us” pages look exactly the same. Treating yours in a different fashion can make your brand really stand out. Whether it’s the use of videos, music, unexpected imagery, a unique writing style, humor, or surprising links, the options are unlimited to create a page that is unique and engaging.
  • “About Us” pages don’t necessarily need to be labeled “About Us”. Choosing a different name for the page that better reflects your brand voice like “Our Story,”  “Why We Exist,” “Get the Inside Scoop” or countless other options can increase page visits and establish that your brand is truly unique.

People seek relationships with people or brands they can feel connected to and that share a similar outlook. Your “About Us” page is your opportunity to take the first step in developing a long-lasting relationship with consumers.

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