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FAQ:How long does a website “last”?

Internet trends come and go, but the overall lifespan of your website depends on how well it continues to represent your brand. Is the content out of date? Do you have a new logo or brand standards that don’t match your website anymore? Is core functionality broken or hard to use? Then it may be time for a major overhaul. 

There’s no science that tells us absolutely when a fresh, new website is warranted, but generally speaking we suggest taking a good hard look at your site every 3-4 years. Sometimes a simple refresh is all that’s needed. But if it’s been 8-10 years since you’ve done any updates, there’s a high probability that your site is showing its age – and believe us, your customers have noticed too. Since your website is one of the first (and sometimes only) touchpoints you have with your audience, it’s a worthwhile investment to keep it updated.

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