January 2013

Introducing Free Marketing Insights

Introducing Free Marketing Insights

Free Marketing Insights: New weekly blog series launched.

Welcome to the new, weekly Insight Marketing Design blog series on marketing tips and trends. Clients hire advertising agencies for their smart thinking. So why would we, a full service marketing firm give away some of our thoughts on marketing for free? It’s simple, we like smart clients. Clients who understand the value of brilliant strategy, powerful insights and unique executions. In other words, exposing people to marketing possibilities makes even more amazing results possible.

Marketing communications has never been more diverse and multifaceted. Insight’s new blog is here to help keep you abreast of what is happening and what may happen in the world of communications and within our agency.

This blog is also a place you can ask questions, suggest topics and join the conversation. The online and offline world of marketing is a fluid one, where new ideas and approaches are happening every day.

The influence of the world market is also transforming how Americans view advertising. Check out these website for a look at what’s happening creatively around the globe: www.luerzersarchive.net/ and www.adsoftheworld.com. Of course, you can always see great American made creative here: http://insightmarketingdesign.com/all-work/.

Thanks for visiting Insight Marketing Design’s new Free Marketing Insights blog. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit every week to see what’s next in the ever-changing world of marketing.


Next week’s topic –
Free Marketing Insights: Selfish sinks social media.


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