February 2013

Marketing Insights: Searching for better results

Marketing Insights: Searching For Better Results

As of today there is more than a half billion active websites. That is certainly one huge haystack when you’re looking for a needle. The question is, if it’s your needle you want people to find, what the heck do you do? How do you ensure better search results?

Driving people to your website is vitally important to almost any business today. It’s why almost every offline marketing message has a web address on it. Even if you’re not doing ecommerce, people go to websites to learn more as part of their decision making process.

Along with offline and online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic. SEO simply means increasing your websites “visibility” to search engines like Google so that your listing comes up in the top results. The reality is, if your site doesn’t come up in the first results page most people will never see it.

Optimizing your site is a combination of many things. A couple of the big ones include figuring out what search terms and key words people are using to find your type of business. Utilizing those words within your site helps your ranking. Your site code must also be optimized to facilitate search engine access. Of course, there are countless other methods, such as links to your page, but the real challenge is the rules are always changing.

Google and other search engines constantly change their ranking methods to prevent bad results. In the end, the one thing every search engine is really looking for is good content that delivers what people are searching for. So if you want more traffic you not only have to provide an easy way to find it, you’ve got to make sure your needle is sharp. 

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