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Marketing Insights: Words In The Sky

Insights:Marketing Insights: Words in the sky

March 6, 2013

Ever see a billboard? Chances are the answer is yes. Not just because they seem to be everywhere, but also because they’re huge. This is one mass media where the saying “go big or go home” literally applies.

Billboard advertising can be an effective medium for marketing your message if you follow a few guidelines.

1) Don’t try to say too much. Limit your headline to 6 or 7 words. Anything more than that and people won’t have time to read it.

2) This number is to remind you to forget the number. Chances of someone writing or remembering a phone number on a billboard are infinitely small. Don’t clutter your message with information that won’t be used.

3) Be creative. Billboards aren’t just print ads in the sky. Take advantage of the medium with unique approaches like build-outs, movement and even animation.

4) No billboard is an island. Billboard advertising is a support medium. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and promote time sensitive happenings, but to be it’s most effective it should be used in tandem with marketing on other media channels.

So the next time you’re wondering how to up your brand awareness, the answer may be to reach for the sky.


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